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Partnering with a Disaster Restoration Contractor Brings Great Rewards


Building a strong relationship with a local disaster restoration contractor in Rhode Island for disaster restoration services gives your business valuable advantages —from expanded resources and expert knowledge to immediate support in an emergency—24/7. And let’s face it, with an abundance of disaster restoration companies out there hawking their wares and assuring people how great they are, who should you choose? And most importantly, who can you trust?

Ensure an Immediate Response When Disaster Occurs 

In Rhode Island, no matter what kind of property you own or manage, it’s critical to have a trusted disaster restoration contractor close by if you experience water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, or worse. A strong working partnership in this area will help you recover from loss more quickly and cost-effectively due to the contractor’s familiarity with your staff and knowledge of your building’s schematics and contents.

How to Choose a Property Damage Restoration Partner

This unique partnership focuses on teamwork with both parties sharing the overall goal of keeping your property safe, in good repair, and free from damage. The first step in this venture is to schedule a property inspection to record important building and contents information. Thereby, if a property disaster strikes, your Rhode Island disaster restoration partner will immediately know exactly where to go and what to protect when beginning the recovery and restoration process. Your next job is to find out their answers to these questions:

1. Is Risk Management a Priority?

During the initial property inspection, a good disaster restoration company will also perform a risk assessment and point out any red flags that could potentially cause harm to the occupants, damage to the building, or result in a property disaster. They should then take the time to educate you on how to avoid or remedy the risk. Any disaster restoration partner worth their salt should regularly work with their customers to anticipate any disasters that could occur, then provide expert advice on how to avoid them, and, if necessary, be prepared to respond to the situation at a moment’s notice.

2. Do They Have the Right Equipment to Do the Job?

A reliable restoration partner houses an extensive inventory of disaster mitigation supplies and equipment that includes generators, extraction equipment, dryers, portable and trailer-mounted dehumidifiers, and odor removal systems. Also, look for companies that place a premium on providing their customers with project monitoring and oversight, quality assurance, and post-remediation documentation and reporting. Having the ability to work with the insurance company on your behalf (if necessary) is also highly beneficial.

3. Do They Have a Good Reputation?

A reputable Rhode Island disaster recovery and water damage cleanup company can provide references from insurance companies and high-level business customers. Be sure to ask for them! Also check out the Rhode Island’s Better Business Bureau to see if they are accredited or have any unresolved complaints.

4. Do They Offer an Emergency Response Plan?

A thorough, up-to-date emergency response plan is critical for a successful recovery following a property disaster. The company you choose must know your building and contents backward and forward. Knowing what steps to take can make the difference between re-opening quickly or closing permanently. Within minutes of contacting them, your disaster restoration partner should return your call (or better yet, answer it on the spot) to establish an initial determination of the resources needed and the time required for urgent on-site response.

Ready? Set? Go!

Once you’ve interviewed a few local disaster restoration contractors and have heard the appropriate responses, be confident that you’re on your way to choosing a reliable, well-qualified property damage restoration partner for your business. Enjoy the many benefits!

About Single Source Disaster Recovery Specialists

Single Source is Rhode Island’s most trusted resource and valued long-term disaster restoration industry partner of the State of Rhode Island and its cities and towns; healthcare facilities; insurance carriers and local agents; property claims adjusters; property management companies; schools, colleges, and universities. We remain in good standing on many of these industries’ preferred contractor lists due to our capabilities and qualifications, good reputation, customer satisfaction, and high level of competence and long-term experience in the disaster restoration field. If you’re interested in exploring a partnership relationship with Single Source please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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