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Six SURPRISING Uses for Used Coffee Grounds


RI Home Cleaning Tips

Yes, you heard right. Coffee grounds. Used coffee grounds. They can be used in many unique ways to make life easier around your home and in your garden. Just remove them from your coffee maker, drop them into a bowl, and PRESTO CHANGO! They transform into a natural cleaning scrub, materialize into a fertilizer that nourishes and protects plants, and assumes the role of a fireplace cleaner that helps clean out a pile of spent ashes without the cloudy mess. They also neutralize strong odors, repel pesky fruit flies and mosquitoes, and improve the appearance of scratched wood. So, the next time you brew a pot, don’t automatically toss out the used grounds. Instead, put them to use with some of these fantastic tips! 

In the Garden

Fertilize your Plants

Single Source RITo use coffee grounds as fertilizer, simply sprinkle them onto the soil surrounding your plants. Coffee grounds contain several essential minerals for plant growth and help attract worms, which are great for your garden.

Repel Insects and Pests

Single Source Water Damage RITo use coffee grounds as an insect and pest repellent, simply set out bowls of grounds or sprinkle them around outdoor seating areas. They will help repel mosquitoes and fruit flies. You can also keep pests out of your garden by scattering coffee grounds around your plants. They help create a barrier that slugs, and snails, don’t like to crawl over.

In the Home

Single Source Disaster Recovery RNeutralize Odors and Clean Your Hands

Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which helps eliminate a foul-smelling sulfur gas from the air when combined with carbon. Place a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge or freezer to get rid of strong odors. You can also use coffee grounds as a hand scrub to help remove the lingering aroma of onion or garlic. And if you really want to go the distance, you can fill old pantyhose legs or socks with coffee grounds and tie them off to make portable air fresheners. Place these in your shoes, gym bag, bedroom drawers, under your car seat, or anywhere else that may need some deodorizing.

Scrub Your Kitchen – Pots and Pans

Single Source Disaster Recovery Specialists RIIf you don’t like cleaning with chemicals, used coffee grounds might be worth a try. The coarse texture of coffee grounds is abrasive and can help remove buildup on hard-to-clean surfaces. Use them to scour your sink, polish your cookware or clean your grill. Just be careful not to use them on any porous material because they might become stained.

Clean Your FireplaceSingle Source Disaster Recovery RI

Cleaning ashes from a wood-burning fireplace can be an incredibly messy task. By scattering used coffee grounds over the ashes, you can weigh them down and prevent smoke clouds from forming. This not only makes the ashes easier to remove, but it also keeps dust from escaping and traveling to other parts of the room.

Repair Scratched Furniture

Single Source Disaster Recovery Specialists RIWooden furniture can be easily scuffed and scratched. Various products can help minimize the appearance of scratches, but before you run to the store, you might want to give coffee grounds a try. First, make a thick paste with used coffee grounds and water. Then rub the paste into the scratch using a cotton swab, allow it to sit for 5–10 minutes, and then wipe with a cotton rag. This should help buff out the scratch and conceal it by dying the exposed wood a brownish color. Continue to dab coffee into the scratch using a cotton swab until the desired color is achieved, waiting a few hours between applications.

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