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Forget to Turn Off Your Stove?


Snap Some Photos Before You Head Out to Your Vacation Put Your Mind at Ease.

Did I Forget to Turn Off the Stove???

If you’re the type who worries that you might have forgotten to do something important before you left for vacation or another lengthy absence from your home, use your phone to take a few photos before you head out the door. Taking snapshots of the following will remind you to turn things off and will also help prevent avoidable property disasters, like mold, flood, or fire while you’re away…

1. Closed and locked doors and windows
2. Stove and oven in their off positions
3. Coffee makers and other fire prone appliances turned off
4. Thermostat settings to save energy and keep humidity stable
5. Faucets and water shut-offs to avoid flooding or pipe bursts

Wishing all of you a worry-free summer vacation!

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